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Photography has always been my passion. I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until College that I really got into photography professionally. As you can probably tell by this home page.. I have also always been fascinated by the sky, stars and outer space. When I was younger I joked I would be an astronaut when I grew up if I wasn't so prone to motion sickness. However, I also love animals, adventure, traveling, and overall anything that brings myself and others joy. 

Out of my many passions though, photography, by far has been the one that brings me the most happiness. With photography I can freeze a moment in time - Whether it's a beautiful landscape, a gathering of my family and friends, or a random moment that would otherwise be forgotten - Photography helps me to see life through a new lens, and gives me a deep sense of purpose and happiness. 

So, Whether you're a fellow photographer and want to reach out to bond or share some advice, or just a fan who stumbled upon my work, please feel free to drop a note and say hello or find me on Facebook!


Sam Lauersdorf is also the owner of Everlasting Images Photography By Sam, a Portrait and Event Photography business specializing in weddings and more. To visit her portrait website click on the button below!

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