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 Nature, Travel & Astro-Photographer

Seeing the World, 
Through the Eyes of My Lens


Photography has always been my passion. I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until College that I really got into photography professionally. Additionally, I have always been fascinated by the sky, stars and outer space. I would've loved to be an astronaut if I wasn't so prone to motion sickness! 

With photography I can freeze a moment in time - Whether it's a beautiful landscape, a gathering of my family and friends, or a random moment that would otherwise be forgotten - Photography helps me to see life through a new lens, and gives me a deep sense of purpose and happiness. 

Whether you're a fellow photographer, new friend, or looking to collaborate (we are available for hire worldwide!) please feel free to drop me a message, or find me on social! Thank you for taking a moment to explore my passion!

Fond du Lac, WI Photographer,
Sam Lauersdorf
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